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Tentative Timeline

  • Informational meetings for students of IIT Bombay and St. Xavier's will be held as follows:
    • St. Xavier's - 21st Jan, MMR, 1:00 pm onwards
    • IIT Bombay - 31st Jan, IRCC, 2:00 pm onwards
  • Applications due 31st March. To be emailed (.doc or .pdf format) to ni.gro.detimilnuefil@ofni
  • Phone interviews for shortlisted people mid April.
  • Late April, awardee(s) informed. In addition, mentor(s) will be matched, to assist in project implementation.
  • Project(s) implemented anytime 1st May through 31st Dec 2011. Regular contact with mentor.
  • Awardee(s) speak about their experiences at the 2012 informational meetings.



The proposal should consist of one (or at most two) pages answering the questions

  • What do you want to do?
  • Why do you want to do it?
  • How will you do it?
  • How will you tell others about your project?
    • We want to see what you'll do to publicize your project. Will you write a blog with regular updates? Will you perhaps perform a skit, or have a photo exhibition? What will you do to share with others what you've done, share the excitement?

Also attach a short (one page, one side, at most) CV for each person in the group. Also put in it contact information - name, college affiliation, email address, and phone/cellphone if any.

Attach a tentative budget outlining roughly how much you expect the project to cost. Be honest - base your budget on the amount of money you expect to need, not on the total award amount. It is possible (though highly unlikely) that all the money will be awarded to one student/group, but much likelier that there will be several awardees. Remember -- it's a recession - share the wealth!

Sample proposals can be found here. Remember that these are just samples - this award is about what you want to do, not what is expected of you.



For this grant, no idea is a bad idea. However, there are good ideas and better ideas. Here are some of the criteria we'll keep in mind when judging the proposals.

  • Is this something you really want to do? Something that genuinely excites you will be easier to communicate your enthusiasm about, and is likelier to catch our interest too.
  • Is this something that you will likely not be able to do in the future? For instance, buying an SLR camera is likely within the economic grasp of most recent graduates, but taking a month off to capture photographically life along the Ganga is likely not something that a person with a nine-to-five job is in a position to do.
  • Is it something that someone else is unlikely to fund? For instance, parents can often be wheedled into supporting a hiking trip. But a barefoot expedition up Mt. Everest (not that we're advocating one :), hmm...
  • Is it inspirational? To you, most certainly. But also to us, and to other people around you, your peers and future applicants.