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Project Title: SLAP



Location of the project: Mumbai (Currently)



Brief summary of the project: 



We have started a project-cum-campaign, which will bring about a social change in the media. The media has the capability to impact and change society. This is best done through its social coverage and continuous investigative reporting.


SLAP is a group of Active Citizens especially ‘Young One’s’ where we try to connect media with citizens and social sector. Our main aim is


* Encourage “Rural Journalism” into the mainstream media.

 * Sensitizing media students to be more responsible about their work in the future.

 * Media should become more socially responsible.



Encouraging common people to react on content of media, rather than just reading and viewing the content.



Campaigning for creation of “Social Beat” into the mainstream Media.


Connecting a link: Common man – Social worker – NGO – Media Activists – SLAP – Media Personalities – Media Houses. 

First of all, our newsletter SLAP which we are trying to continue the publication is our first deliverables. There is a reason of that also. When we launched SLAP it became quite popular amongst the media students. So we found a unique way to engage media students, who are our primary targets. A slight change bound with a little curiosity in the mindset of the youngsters who are a part of various media colleges at present and who will be in the media industry very soon in near future.


We have request from all sections of people to write for SLAP. But because of space constraint, we can’t do this in newsletter. So we have come up with the idea of having a website of SLAP. People will submit their stories on website and the best ten stories will also appear in SLAP, newsletter.


We also want to set up a kind of consultant firm, which will guide social sector to reach to the media and will try to support them in any manner. We will also support media persons to reach social sector also. This is one of our future plans but we are already implementing it in individual capacity.


And we will continuously meet Media students, Social Sector People and Media People to campaign for “Social Beat” in Media.


It is this simple fact, that if one media person is socially aware, he can bring the social change among a large number of people in society. We are just lacking in reach. That’s what we will do with media students. We will keep a close track on these media students and their future activities.


Through SLAP we will be publishing all those social and rural stories. Through SLAP itself it will reach to Media houses and larger society also. This will lead for social transformation in Media. Through SLAP, common people will react to the content of media and we will make sure it reaches to the destination.


We will also train entrepreneurs to go ahead in media and present their thought strongly. Some young social entrepreneurs have already been benefited by this process. This will enable the link.


SLAP started with the demand of 45 young Youth Venturers when they were not getting any kind of media coverage. When two of them (Ashok & Sumeet) got proper attention of Media, their project became immensely popular and successful. So here is the need and also what if need is fulfilled. This is just a small example.

I was part of Tata Jagriti Yatra 2008 for better understanding about my own country. There were 350 young Indians, 50 working professional and around 20 media professionals. I have come across with almost all of them regarding my project. There was nobody who said or thought that there is no need of this project. And everyone listened carefully to what they had to do to be the part of process. So, they are in the initial thought process. That’s what the most important thing for us. ‘To think again about their participation in Media’. They all are part of community at large.



First of all, I am sorry to say that, but there are very limited numbers of initiatives based on to link social sector with media. I believe that the approach has to be different. Most of us start working with the help of our own social media and other types of media. But the problem is ‘Who will bell the cat’ means who will make mainstream media to realize the issue. And that’s where we come.


We as future media person have a say on functionality of media. We as a common people have the right to select the content of media. That’s where we want to facilitate.


So as long we are going to create our own campaigns; it will definitely have a very less impact. So we are working to achieve the bigger goals and at the same time also doing what we can do.





Project Budget:





I am presenting a budget for Nine months timeline. I am aware of your budget limitation, but it will be great if you can guide us in fund raising. Because we don’t want to let project hamper because of money.

a. Remuneration for One project manager: @ 4000 x 9 = 36,000 (INR)

b. Travel Expenses: @ 1000 x 9 = 9,000 (INR)

c. SLAP Publication: @ 9000 x 9 = 81,000 (INR) (For publication of SLAP on monthly basis of 1000 copies)

d. Workshops + Outreach: @1000 x 9 = 9,000 (INR)



Total: 1, 35,000 (INR) (For Nine Months)


Beyond Money, we need other resources which can connect us with more students, media people, social activist and common people. We also need good networking with right people and mentoring in our project. At the same time, we want to grow this campaign. So accordingly we will need resources.




Prabal Bhardwaj

Founder, SLAP

Media 4 Change Campaign