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Proposal - Around the world via the Colaba Causeway

What do you want to do?

Compile a travel/search book by walking around Colaba Causeway.

Why do you want to do it?

Colaba Causeway is probably the most accessible place I have been to where people of almost every nationality come. Around the World in Eighty Days (that’s what I hope I will call the book) will travel with the people on Causeway to different countries, areas, localities, taste varied food, see India/Bombay through the eyes of tourists, - both Indian and foreign nationals - find out how to travel cheap in Paris without being mugged, what places you could visit if you were on a trip to finding yourself, where to find the best Tequilla in Mexico, how you can travel 90 days every year, what blood painting is, on those lines. Basically, the book won’t be authored, it will write itself through interviews. So there isn’t an approximate of pages. The limit is only in the manner of days. There will be pictures of people, places, interesting facts, paintings, craft material, whatever really. It is a travel guide for the couch potato, it is a walk into the lives of people around the world – white, black, yellow and how they think. Of course, not everybody on the street is approachable but I’m hoping finding one friendly face will lead to finding another and so on.

I asked a friend if she thought it would work and she told me this would be the first book she’d publish at her publishing house (when she starts one).

How will you do it?

The book will start with a basic introduction of the place, a geographical view of Causeway, a historical background and then interviews with hotel owners (not so sure about this one) and street vendors. Then we get down to business. Talking around, meeting up with people who come into Causeway, hang out in Leo’s or Mondy’s, shop around, looking for junkets on the streets, etc. That’s the key word: Interviews. The book will take me a minimum of four months (hopefully I can start after August, ’08) of walking around Colaba Causeway. Since nobody is going to stand in the middle of the street and talk to me for more than 5 minutes, it will involve money, for a cup of coffee if nothing else. I also hope to discover the Mumbai they see in the process, so there will be traveling within the city, too. Since ATWIED involves interviewing at least one person of one nationality, I need to read up on places. This means filling up on geography which I reserve the time period of June to August for. I did try talking to a few people, running the idea by them to see if they would spend some time just talking and they didn’t seem to mind. 


Before I make a rough approximate, I have to warn you, this is very, very, sketchy. I do want to get it published some day but I have no idea how to go about that. I know someone will publish, someone will care once it’s out, I just don’t know who and how much it will cost. Right now, what hinders me from going ahead with the project is the amount of money that I will spend traveling and mostly, food. 

Food (At an average of Rs. 200 every interview I conduct in 80 days.):     Rs.16000

A recorder (basic mp3 recorder):                                                                Rs.7000/-

Travel (back and forth from CST to Colaba for a minimum of 4 months): Rs.200/approx

Stationery: (mostly paper and pencils or pens):                                          Rs 600/-

Miscellaneous (craft items for memorabilia, extra travel):                         Rs 2000/-

Total   Rs 33,000/-