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Proposal - Art Exhibition

As much as I want to be all formal  all… I can’t… The entire “fund your dream” thing seems to be too exiting… Before I tell you’ll what I wish to do, I guess I should give you a bit of an introduction about my self… My name is Yoko Rai (and no I’m neither a Japanese or a Bengali) I am currently in my final year (T.Y.B.A) at St. Xaviers’ College. I crazy about music and art… When I’m not doing the monotonous things I life… I normally do some arty stuff along with listening to my kind of music…this so called :’Arty Stuff’ I do ranges from pencil shading in my sketch book to painting to making crazy but cool stuff with m-seal… the list goes on… 

Here is what I propose to do……  

What do you want to do?

An ‘Art Exhibition’… I know it seems big but it has always been one of my dream to do it… My Art exhibition would consist of mainly potrait and figurative paintings of people…

Why do you want to do it?

I love painting people and their feelings… I normally get my inspiration from pictures that catch my attention in newspapers or magazines etc. 

I merely want to share my work with everyone…… normally the stuff I do is restricted just to small sketches and small paintings ……There are loads of art lovers out there and I just want to have the experience to display my paintings to them.

How will you do it?

Having spoken to a dealer at a place called ’Art Point’, he said that I would have to make a portfolio of my paintings and send the pictures to them via e-mail or mail the CD. They would then go through it and call me for an interview. After that they will keep the paintings in their gallery for 3 months.

Regarding the payment for putting up my paintings, he refused to divulge the details.

So I guess my prior aim would be to make a set of paintings for my portfolio. 


For the said I would need the following 

10 Canvases (depending on the size of the painting)             Rs.   6000 approx.  

10 Acrylic Paint Bottles Rs.   2500

Paint brushes Rs.     200

Total amount (approx for portfolio)                                       Rs. 10000