You are hereProposal - Bombay to Goa Bike Ride

Proposal - Bombay to Goa Bike Ride


Cycle from Mumbai to Panaji via NH17

(Before you dismiss this as just another adventure-wannabe trip, please read on.)


  • 5 new sports bikes
  • 1 GPS receiver
  • Rucksacks
  • Spare parts + pump
  • Handycam


  • Spread awareness about fuel-efficient transportation, global warming, alternate fuel sources.
  • Videography
  • Photography
  • Fun!


  • 25,000 for new cycles + ??? for spare-parts and riding equipment (helmets, pads and the like)
  • 6,000 for GPS receiver
  • 8,000-10,000 for food, lodging and other essentials
  • ??? Handycam for rent


We are all Physics students. We will build a mobile charger and a handycam charger to be connected to the cycle so that we can charge our devices. This will show people alternate methods of generating power. Offshoot: exercise-bikes that act as power generators for small equipment (eg. battery powered LED lights).


7 days to Goa + 7 days back + 2-3 days in Goa


There is one prominent village/town/city every 80-140 kms on the Highway. These will be used for nightly stop-overs, rest and replenishing food supplies.

Therefore, average distance covered a day will be 100-110 kms.


The new cycles and GPS receiver will be returned to Life Unlimited for future participants.

(We know this isn’t the most polished of proposals, but you will identify with us: we‘ve had exams for one and a half months and today was Journal submission!)