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Proposal - Four Corners of India

What do you want to do?

Travel to the four corners of India (tentatively Laddakh, Kacch, Kanyakumari, Andaman) and spend a month or more there.

Why do you want to do it?

Simply because it seems to me that there is no better education than the one that is out there in the world to be experienced. It is perhaps a rather clichéd thing to say but that doesn’t in the least reduce its significance. I want to see the country that I belong to, the vast area that I may never otherwise come to realize, the sheer span and the diversity that surrounds me only in an invisible way. 

By traveling and spending time in these places I want to see where I belong, out of the tailor-made urban life that has become my only field of reference. Nothing could be more inspirational to me than being a part of that larger though hidden universe that surrounds me.

How will you do it?

It’s a simple plan. Since I cannot travel to every place in the country, I will travel to five to six places that -  were it not for this trip - I will never remotely come in contact with. Then again, I am not planning a tourist-like approach. I want most of all to travel to the more remote spots of the country, to stay there for a while and not only observe life in those parts but be a part of it. I want to spend at least a month, if not more, in these places.


Train Tickets (Laddakh, Kacch, Kanyakumari, Andaman) 10,000.00

Or other modes of transport

Accommodation at various places               5000.00

(This could be lesser as I plan mostly to stay with people)

Food and other expenses   5000.00

Contingency fund     5000.00 

Total   25000.00

(Approximate amounts and not the exact figures)