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Proposal - Photographic expedition to Khardung la

What do you plan to do?

A photographic expedition from Dehradun to Khardung la (highest motorable road in the world) on a motorcycle.

Why do you want to do it?

Because it’s dangerous, difficult, challenging and exciting.

How will you do it?

The plan of action is as follows:

The road to Ladakh is generally open only from mid May to mid September. I plan to start the journey in June. To prepare myself for the journey I will be traveling extensively for about 3-4 days around Dehradun – gaining and loosing height in the mountains around Dehradun, carrying heavy luggage and dealing with various other obstacles that I might face while riding in the mountains (a kind of a mock run). I will be going home (dehradun) around 25th Feb to buy a motorcycle. If due to some reason I am not able to buy a motorcycle (miniscule possibility) then I will first try and borrow it from a friend back home and as a last resort I shall rent one. 

The route will be:

Dehradun – Herbertpur – Vikasnagar – Chakrata – Chaupal – Rohru – Rampur – Kullu – Manali – Solang – Sissau – Tupchiling – Kyelang – Baralachala – Sarchu – Gian – Takh – Lun – Debring – Tanglang la – Rong – Choklamsar – Leh – Khardung La

Dehradun to Leh:       680.65 kms*

Dehradun to Manali: 195.65 kms

Manali to Keylong:   110 kms

Keylong to Sarchu:   107 kms

Sarchu to Leh:            268 kms

*All distance are approximate.

Let’s assume that the road to Ladakh opens on 20th May. Therefore the journey break up is as follows:

15th – 16th May: Bombay to Dehradun

17th – 19th May: Traveling extensively around Dehradun; in the hills (gaining and loosing height)… Shopping for the things I need on the journey… Basically preparing for the journey

20th May: Dehradun to Manali

21st May: Exploring Manali 

22nd May: Manali to Keylong

23rd May: Exploring Keylong (acclimatization)

24th May: Keylong to Sarchu

25th May: In Sarchu (acclimatization)

26th May: Sarchu to Leh

27th May: In leh

28th May: Leh to Khardung la and back

29th – 4nd June: Exploring Leh and areas around (Numbra valley, Pangong Tso, Tso Moriri Lake etc) 

5rd – 8th June: Journey back to Dehradun

The fact that I’m traveling on a motorcycle gives me the freedom to travel around and explore each place and stop and shoot as and when I want.


Bombay to Delhi and back by train Rs. 1000

Delhi to Dehradun Rs. 400

Food/water Rs. 250 (per day) x 22 = 5500

Petrol # Rs. 5000

Shopping* Rs. 3000

Accommodation Rs. 300 (per day) x 22 = 6600

Total Rs. 21500

* Gum-boots, hand gloves, monkey cap, first aid kit, instant puncture repair tubes, sleeping bag etc.