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Proposal - Rural Education

What do you want to do?

Career Guidance Centre: Free Career guidance to financially week village children and parents. This is to cover around 5 - 6 nearby villages.

Main services which I am planning for students and parents.

  • Small Library: 
    • English News paper and English audio/ Video CDs (for English improvement)
    • Hindi news papers (for general awareness)
    • Employment newspaper (for career awareness and help them to fill the form for vacancies)
    • Magazines (for career guidance, competitive exam information, general knowledge)
  • Career awareness seminars: for children, parents, including distribution of career related info to each family in villages on regular basis
  • c) Visits: for students, to reputed institutions like IITs, AIIMS, and Navodaya vidyalayas to motivate students, to make student aware about the best further study opportunities (after 12th).
  • d) Free Tution facility: for all the weak students from 1st to 12th class.

My main aim is to spread career awareness especially for financially weak students, to give them free career guidance, and spread career and education awareness in nearby villages, so that students come forward to complete their studies after +2, inspite of financial problem, lack of awareness.

Why do you want to do it?

I am from village which is around 100km from Jaipur city (Rajasthan). We have only one govt. primary school, so due to large strength, student dint get proper education. And after completing 5th class, students have to go to nearby village secondary school (that’s for 3-4 villages), which is 4 Km away for admission into class 6th to 12th, as many of them don’t have money for bus fair so they walk daily from their house to school. Due to lack of awareness of education, many of children drop out after studying 6th, 7th or up to 10 atmost. In fact, so far 10 to 15 are graduated in my village which are in my age group, rest are doing farming, helping their family by doing some Rs. 1000 -1500 per month salary job. Same situation apply for nearby villages too. Very few are in govt jobs, mainly people dependent upon the farming and labor work. In our village, we don’t have any facility except a road which links our village to a small city Renwal, which is 8km away. We don’t have even a hospital, so for any emergency we have to go to that city.

I think by giving such free career counseling / guidance to village children, will definitely enhance the career awareness. They would be able to complete their education till 12th class, and after that, these days, many bank’s giving educational loan for further studies.

Main reasons for dropout of children are

  • Lack of education awareness, career guidance and motivation
  • Financial problem (Parents think that they Can’t afford fees of private / govt institutes for further studies, so they just believe in study till 10 or atmost 12th then they prefer to drop out and student unwillingly have to help their parents in earning livelihood. This is major barrier.)
  • Presence of old beliefs: (because of this, only few girls study and rest help their mother at home)

As very few people educated in village, children didn’t get any guidance from their parents or any other relatives. My parents are also illiterate but I completed my schooling from Navodaya Vidyalaya which is a central govt school, 100% sponsored education from 6 to 12th class, but this school conducts a select test in 5th class and takes 80 students from each district. This is chain of schools, spread in each district in all states of India except Tamilnadu. To know more about navodaya system

How will you do it?

I will start a Career Guidance Centre in rented house, which may include 5 -6 rooms. Will manage best teachers, counselors to motivate village children and their parents too. I shall ensure the career awareness by arranging career seminars, and distributing career awareness leaflets to students and parents. Will setup a library for newspapers, books, career related information and English improvement CDs etc. In addition to career awareness, I will try to motivate students to take part in sports, indoor games, general knowledge quizzes, debate competitions etc. But main aim is to give students career guidance and motivate them to study properly for their bright future. I will select financially week students for free tution in the career guidance centre from experience teachers. I shall try to pickup students from far places by a bus / bike service of centre. Main aim is to train weak students of financially weak family, and motivate them for competitive exams and for their career. My plan is to select around 25 to 30 students from financially very poor family, those who are below poverty line. I have been teaching 2 -3 students at my home whenever I go to my home in vacation, and It gives me self satisfaction. So I want to help around 30 students in personal tution and also general career awareness in nearby villages.


Expenditure (per year) : Purpose

Rs. 5,000 : Employment News paper ( 2 copy per week); Magazines (for career awareness, competitive exam information, general knowledge); English news paper (for improvement of English); Hindi Newspaper ( for general awareness)

Rs. 20,000 : Career counseling / awareness by (experienced teachers, professional counselors on regular basis through out the year. It may include the transportation charges and also some fees for their services, if any. Distribution of career awareness information to students and parents.

Rs. 15,000 : Vehicle rent / fuel chanrges: taking students for visit at reputed Institutes like IITs, AIIMS, Navodaya vidyalayas, sainik schools etc. It may include the food charges during visit.

Rs. 15,000 : Books – question banks for board classes (8, 10, 12th) and for other classes too; Practice Test stationary: for revision; Incentive: to students for best performance in tests; Entertainment books: (stories, comics ..etc); Competitive exam books

Rs. 5,000 : Sports: Indoor games, football, cricket,

Rs. 10,000 : Rent of building for career guidance centre (4 to 5 rooms)

Rs 5,000 : Transportation charges for students of other villages; Incentives to Teachers, counselors; It may include Celebrations of some events at the center etc

Total = Rs. 75, 000 per year