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Proposal - Student Summer Camp

What do you want to do?

An awareness camp of 10 days, focusing on career options, overall development and social responsibility for some selected poor students from village and sub-urban schools. Next five days, we will devote on organizing competitions and small events with open entry to all, and will try to invite more and more prestigious people as guest.

Why do you want to do it?

This fulfills the need of society. Students, teachers of these regions, particularly from Government schools have not much idea about modern world. They often heard about engineers, doctors but they don’t exactly know how to build themselves for achieving these positions. They also don’t have much idea about the better techniques of agriculture. They don’t know to appreciate the thing what they are doing. Regarding extra curricular activities like art, music, sport, they simply think these things as useless. 

Such camp will try to make aware about all these things. We will try to get students from various schools, so that they will go in their school and will share these ideas with friends and parents.

Inviting respected people, at single stage, will make them to think about development issues, so that they will play big role in bringing the change. We will make video of all important events and will be circulated to as many schools as possible. These videos can be sent to other regions as well. Such activities will induce more and more students from prestigious institutions like IIT, IIM, and AIIMS from that region to come forward and make people aware. 

We think this is the need of hour. This is very challenging as we have to manage everything for the students, have to stay with them, play with them, eat with them, sleep with them and also organize outside world simultaneously to make the event successful. These would be memorable for us and most importantly, it’s our dream for past two or three years, which will come true. Such awareness will act as foundation for large scale activities in future.

How will you do it?

We are going to organize this activity in Darbhanga, a district of Bihar state. 

Starting of July is perfect time to organize things, as schools will just open and so teachers are also not on leave. They could make to be present in events on invitation for at least one day.

  1. Selection of students: We will go in 10 government schools and will select two students of class IX from each class. One student, best in study and the other, good in study and other activities. We will meet with their parents and asked them to send with us. 
  2. Will hire big enough home, may be some lodge, for staying fifteen days.
  3. Will hire one cook.
  4. We will take allow from some schools to use their some class rooms for teaching purpose. If their students would like to attend those sessions, we will allow them. I have already many contacts, and relatives who will help us to get things done. We even will take allow from higher authorities.
  5. There are large grounds, in the school as well as nearby schools, where we will make them to play games.
  6. Routine for first 10 days(3rd July to 13th July) :
    1. Awaking and morning PT:       5.30-7.30.
    2. Breakfast:                                  7.30-8.30
    3. Career Guidance session(including how to achieve that) 8.30-10.30
    4. (We have already prepared one career guidance book, and will broaden it in future before the program. For some day, some expert will also be invited for this purpose only.)                              
    5. Open interaction and relaxation   10.30-11.00
    6. Literature (Hindi, English, Communication), importance, how to improve and practice:                      11.00-1.00pm
    7. Lunch                                                   1.00-2.30pm  
    8. Importance of art, music, drama and practice (students will be divided into different groups according to their interest): 2.30-5.00pm
    9. Sports and games                                                   5-7pm
    10. Dinner                                                                   7-9pm
    11. Social awareness session (by talking about great leaders, screening development work (like life of Baba Amte, Ambedkar Hospital in Aurangabad, Maharashtra etc)                       9-10pm 
    12. Sleeping                                                               10pm
  7. Competitions:
    1. 14July: Elementary round of all competitions related to sport, art and music
    2. 15July: Second round of all these activities
    3. 16July: Final round of all sports and art
    4. 17July: Initial Round of quiz for various classes
    5. 18July: Final round of all left out events, and grand cultural night.

Every evening would be cultural evening, where eminent persons of local area will be invited and they will address regarding development issues. Local people also invited to attend the program. 

Final day, District Magistrate will be the Chief Guest and he will address the public and importance of such activity. We will try to tell him to help people organize such activities.

On Sunday, we will send students to a few local families for lunch. They will talk with them, will share problem they are facing as well as happiness.



Food and shelter (Rs 100 each including four of us): Rs. 36000;

Instruments (art+sport+hired instruments for music): Rs 10000;

Tent House: Rs 15000 (for five days)

Generator Facility: Rs 5000

Travelling and printing and prizes:  Rs 10000

Total: Rs76000 (Roughly taking minimum estimation)