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Proposal - Two Rivers

What do you want to do?

We want to do a comparative study of life along two rivers in India and capture our experience on film. The Ganga in the North and The Periyar in the South.


Why do you want to do it?

We found a mutual interest in observing civilisations along rivers. Rivers have played a very important role in the formation of civilisations. Every human civilisation flourished near a water body, in most cases a river. This aspect is very evident in India, with major rivers like The Indus, The Ganga, The Periyar, The Krishna, etc., and some of the world's most well known and richest civilisations finding birth along them. We would like to explore this facet of human life in today's scenario. We have chosen The Ganga and The Periyar because of the following reasons:

  • They are located in the North and South respectively, hence a complete difference in the nature of the rivers.
  • The Ganga is one of the longest in the world, whereas the Periyar in contrast is considerably smaller.
  • Cultural and religious differences along the two areas are striking.
  • The manners in which these rivers affect the economies of the areas.


How will you do it?

We have chosen 4 sites on the Ganga and 3 sites on the Periyar for our comparative study. Starting our journey from Bombay, we intend to travel north to Delhi and from there to the origin of the Ganga, Gangotri. From Gangotri we plan to proceed to the holy city of Haridwar, the place where the Ganga undergoes a phase of transition from being a turbulent young force of the mountains to a mature river, which takes on the job of catering to the various needs of the millions who depend upon it. Our next destination is Allahabad, where the Ganga meets the Yamuna and the Saraswati at Sangam. From Allahabad we proceed to Banaras, one of the most famous spiritual centers of the world. Our final stop in our journey along the Ganga will be Calcutta. Now for the second phase of our endeavour we will make our way to the city of Cochin. From here we proceed to the 3 sites we have chosen on the Periyar. The first one of them being Kalady, the birthplace of Sankaracharya, the greatest Advaitha Philosopher on the bank of Periyar. Going ahead to Aluva, which is a place of pilgrimage for the Hindus and then moving to Malayattoor which is a place of pilgrimage for Christians. This will give us a different view altogether and open our mind to different spheres. 

From here we make our way back home.



Train tickets (for the whole journey) :           Rs.20,000

Other modes of transport                 :           Rs.7,000

Lodging                                            :           Rs.7,500

Food                                                 :           Rs.7,500

Total                                                 :           Rs.42,000

All expenses are approximations, exact figures are not mentioned.