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Shanta does his thing

Shanta's updates: 


Jul 31: This is starting of the game. I have performed my plan in Jaipur for three days. Good response from some students. Covered some nearby schools. Due to lack of proper digi cam, not managed to take pics of all events and important activities. I got much support from local bodies.


In the line of activity, I will conduct similar program in one of village of Kerala. Already a team of good local people I have found through my friend here in IIT. Ground work will go on for some month.


In this way, I would be able to make a good team and will help in getting cross cultural performance.


I got help from HC Verma, Prof in IIT Kanpur. IITians must know him for the best physics book written by him for JEE preparation.



More images are here.


Sept 26:  The second stage of the program has been conducted in Kasadgod district, Kerala. It took one month of rigorous coordination direction, and tremendous response from the people. I was unfortunate not to be present during exhibition but two of my friend, Mahesh and PD went from IIT and coordinated the program.


Teachers of different school also came as students from their school were incorporated in the program. They all are inspired enough to make their school like that. All are requesting such program again. But really I have to find out some other source for funding such program. May be you can guide me regarding that. See the glimpse: 



Such program is essential for many points of view. One people in citi or even in village due to modern way of education were not able to feel the beauty lies in nature. They are unaware about the natural village life. People are turning more and more electronic slave. On the same side village people due to lack of awareness are unable to digest good thing of modern life. There is need of the hour that we should go back, help in making good village life and enjoy the eternity of such thing.


City people are in habit of spending Rs 20000-30000 for enjoyment in four hour dinner party. Could we spend this much of amount (might be distributed among friends) once a year and help in building such a society, an hybrid modern facility with past values.


I had sent a bundle of Amar Chitra Katha to primary school teacher (at my own town Darbhanga) for the kids to learn English as well as culture. Indians could relate their own heroes who have build this enriched thousands years old society and so they could also learn English fast. May be this is beginning of a small library.